Let us take care of your next big party or consumption event. Our full service tenders are highly qualified to continually prepare consumption equipment to enhance your customers smoking experience. Our team of tenders are trained to load bowls for perfect rips, torch nails for flavorful dabs, and fill cloudy volcano balloons.

  • Set Up Fee - $5.00

  • Water Pipe / Dab Rig / Volcano Tender - $10.00 per hour

CLEAN  YOUR piece    

Tired of smoking out of a caked piece? Now you don't have to! We offer handheld pipe, bong, and rig cleaning services.

  • Handheld Pipes - $10.00

  • Water Pipes/Rigs - $15.00

If you have a dirty piece that you need cleaned let us know! We can pick up your piece when we deliver your rental.